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The Basics:

    • Tencel fabric is made with environmentally responsible processes such from sustainably sourced natural raw material wood

    • 4 way stretch, luxurious drape, and simultaneous cool and hefty

    • Fitted to upper body with room in the sweep to compliment masculine figure
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In our research for our YouTube channel, the single fabric we've been the most excited about is Tencel. Tencel is a subset of Rayon fabrics, and while Rayon fabrics can vary massively in quality and in environmental impact, Tencel is an extremely high quality and extremely environmentally friendly fabric produced by Lenzig. It costs a bit more, but the extra cost is worth knowing that it is a sustainably produced product.

We use a mix of Tencel Modal and a bit of spandex to achieve:

    • Solid Weight and Drape: The fabric has a solid heft to it, which produces a long, smooth, luxurious drape.
    • Cool, Soft Handfeel: Modal fabrics, in general, excel in producing a silky, cool handfeel.
    • 4-Way Stretch: Just enough Elastane is in the blend to produce a lot of flexibility. This also allows for a flattering fit that is snug around the chest and upper arms, and roomy around the midriff.


Measurements are listed below, but here is a bit more of a common-sense explanation of how to think about sizing the Tencel Long Sleeve.

These sized run regular, overall. If you're normally a medium, you're probably a medium (et cetera).

However, our fit tends to be a bit more snug around the chest and upper arms, with more room around the bottom. If you have broad shoulders, or are particularly chesty, you may want to go up a size.