Hello, friend.
If you're here, that means we personally invited you to buy one of our first batch of shirts.
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How Merit Works
We design a shirt and manufacture a small batch.

We sell the shirts (heavily discounted) to people who are willing to give us detailed feedback to make them better.
We get their feedback through phone calls, surveys, and social media ($10 cash back to anyone who posts a video review).


Then we redesign the shirt based on the feedback from our users, and manufacture more shirts in the second batch.

And repeat.

Basically, we're taking an approach more traditionally used in software development (rapid prototyping and iteration) and applying it to clothing.

But why?

You know that thing you always wear? Maybe it's pants that fit your ass like a glove and work for any occasion.


We only want to design stuff like that.


High-quality, utilitarian, durable, and as a result, beautiful.


We think listening to users and rapidly adjusting to their needs is the best way to get there.

Now it's time to check out the shirt.