High-Bandwidth Communication

Buying clothing online is usually a low-information decision. 

To actually understand if something is going to be valuable to you, you have to see the design process and the honest reasoning behind various decisions.  A photo of a beautiful guy wearing the product getting into a Tesla outside of a modern house in a desert doesn’t actually help. 

Because of that we decided to focus less on content for Facebook and Instagram, with their visual bent towards lifestyle/imagery based communication, and instead focus on YouTube and Reddit.  

These feel, to us, like better high-bandwidth communication channels.  You get to hear us directly talk about the ideas we have, the challenges we face, and the decisions we make (and why).  Even better, you get to join in on the conversation and let us know your ideas, your comments on our products, changes you would make, and what you think is or isn’t working.    

So, instead of “following” us on Instagram or Facebook, come join the conversation in our Reddit or our YouTube.


Every Tuesday, we release a video on clothing and culture. Here are some of our most popular videos:


Reddit is the perfect place for product feedback and ongoing discussions with our customers. Here are some of our most popular posts, as well as our post on why Merit works with Reddit.


And some of our more popular essays. The first two were top posts on /r/malefashionadvice.